Kokkalo Restaurant Santorini


We look forward to impressing you

Located in the main road of Firostefani, Kokkalo Restaurant with its authentic Greek cuisine is the ideal place for those who seek to taste Greek food and enjoy every moment in their visit to the volcanic island of the Aegean Sea



Experience cosmopolitanism in one place.

Santorini is a truly magnificent jewel ornamenting the Mediterranean Sea. Small beaches with black, red and white lava pebbles as well as an extraordinary lunar landscape because of the volcano, have turned the island…

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Mediterranean menu designed to engage all your senses

Our Chef and Sous-Chef, are up for spoiling you for every choice throughout the day. With daily visits at the local market, we only choose products to cook for friends and family. This is the table we invite you in.Working with the best ingredients…

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Kokkalo / our name

Kokkalo is the Greek word for ‘bone’. Bones are what make up robust structures and hold in a magnificent way the posture, movement and activity of every body. We will like to think that in Kokkalo Restaurant you will enjoy a bold culinary experience!

Cooking Classes

In KOKKALO we offer top-quality cooking lessons for our guests, to make you feel a little bit more like home. Our lessons are the perfect way for you to learn how to cook the delicious Greek cuisine while at the same time enjoy the local delicacies and culture.What we offer is more than a mere experience of cooking, we provide you with a unique souvenir to take back home and practice in your kitchen, reminding you of the sun and sea of our island all year round! No better way to leave unless loaded up with new culinary knowledge!

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Explore our summer dishes

The Santorinian cuisine comprises mostly of local agricultural products, yielded by the island’s rich volcanic soil and ripened under the Aegean sun. Our restaurant dares to re-invent traditional local cuisine by incorporating modern culinary trends and thus catering for those who value good food and good wine.

Events and Groups

We have catered for the best tailored made services for any occasion. Either you wish to organize a corporate lunch or dinner or a dinner for a very special night, we offer a variety of choices including Chefs, photographers, decorators and established nutritionists to make sure the occasion is more than meets the eye. For more on our personalized services.
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Our restaurant is uniquely situated between an unmatched view οf the Aegean Sea and the neighborhoods of whitewashed houses and blue domes. During the evening one can enjoy the incredible moonrise under the vast starry sky. We are located at the 25th March St. Fira

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