In KOKKALO we offer top-quality cooking lessons for our guests, to make you feel a little bit more like home. Our lessons are the perfect way for you to learn how to cook the delicious Greek cuisine whilst at the same time enjoy the local delicacies and culture.

What we offer is more than a mere experience of cooking, we provide you with a unique souvenir to take back home and practice in your kitchen, reminding you of the sun and sea of our island all year round! No better way to leave unless loaded up with new culinary knowledge!


These lessons will allow you to immerse yourself in the Santorinian culture and lifestyle by cooking authentic local dishes all within a friendly and festive environment, because cooking is a celebration! We ensure you will be cooking with the best chefs in a fully equipped environment with the best local products.

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Salad (2 people sharing)

Santorinian salad: Cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumber, capers, chloro local traditional cheese and virgin olive oil

Starters (2 people sharing)

Santorini’s fava beans with nuts and caramelized onions &
Traditional fried tomato balls with tzatziki dip &
Mussels “saganaki” with tomato, feta cheese sauce and ouzo

Main (per person)

Pork tenderloin in santorinian tomato paste flavored with Vinsanto and rosemary served with sliced fresh fried potatoes.


Dessert (per person)*

Crème brûlée flavored with fresh vanilla and topped with burned demerara sugar, Or
*All desserts are not prepared by the guests

Cooking Classes Schedule

Class days: everyday at 15:00
(Days and time can be modified upon request)